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Essential reading for those looking to stand out from the crowd and become the model employee


The Recognition Book

It’s fair to say that we have all, at some stage in our careers or elsewhere in our personal lives, desired recognition. Whether that takes the form of a promotion, a higher salary, or something as simple as a thank you, recognition has the power to change your attitude, to help you achieve your goals, and even transform your life.

Everyone deserves recognition, but not everyone has the tools to gain it.

The Recognition Book examines the skills, traits and behaviours that will help you stand out in today’s competitive corporate world, and kick start your journey to achieving the recognition you deserve.

As well as breaking down the key values to adopt, behaviours to express, and actions to take that will help develop you into the person you want to become, and gain you the recognition you desire, The Recognition Book provides a useful roadmap to guide you through your recognition journey.

The Recognition Book is a must read for those looking to stand out in the workplace, make a change in their professional lives and ultimately, achieve the recognition they deserve. Order your copy today, and take the first steps towards your recognition journey.

A powerful tool for anyone in employment, no matter what their field, The Recognition Book examines the traits, behaviours and skills fundamental to doing an excellent job and demonstrates how to shine in today’s competitive corporate world.

This unique and engaging book is essential reading for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd and become the model employee.

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