Privacy Policy - The Recognition Coach

Who we are

Paul F Warriner is The Recognition Coach and operates as a sole trader business in the name of Mastermind CTC. The company’s office is The Warren, Station Road, Launton, Oxon, OX26 5DS. Our phone number is 07738833122.

What information we may store

Some or all of the following data: Title, First Name, Surname, Email, Position, Company, Website, Address, Work Phone Number, Mobile Number.

How we obtain information

We obtain the information by the following means: personal contact with you, email enquiries, advertising and direct mail responses, events and  newsletter sign up forms on our website

Sharing of information

We do not share information with third parties (and never have)

How we store your information

We store information within the following systems: Encrypted Dropbox documents and google drive documents.

How we use your information

We use your data to advise and/or update you on our products and services as well as share relevant articles of our own and third party authorship. We will contact you, according to your consent, through one or all of the following methods: email, phone and post.

In the event of a data breech

Should we discover a data breech we will contact the relevant people within 24 hours. A third-party supplier will be instructed to investigate the breech and the relevant authorities advised.

Your rights

Should you wish to access the information that you hold on you, please email and we will respond with the data held within 5 working days.
Should you wish us to delete your data from our systems, please email and we will complete your request within 5 working days.
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please email or call 07738833122 or write to us: The Warren, Station Road, Launton, Oxon, OX26 5DS